Toronto Music Calendar (April 22-May 2)

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“Giiwedin is a new opera written in Anishnawbe Mowin, French and English. Penned by Algonquin playwright Spy Dénommé-Welch, it tells the story of a 150-year old Aboriginal woman fighting for her land. This tour-de-force combination of powerful lyrics and world-class composition is a testament to the promise of Aboriginal theatre.”

Giiwedin, a First Nations opera

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Christopher Moore’s History, article by Christopher Moore:

“A terrific piece of theatre: Native Earth Theatre’s production of the opera Giiwedin, by Spy Dénommé-Welch and Catherine Magowan. A full scale opera about the struggle for aboriginal land…Fine operatic singing and presentation, brilliant music too.”

The Weekender: Ian McEwan comes to Toronto, Ballet Creole’s 20th anniversary and six other weekend events

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Toronto Life, article by Stacy Lee Kong:

“One of only a few native-penned operas, this world premiere by composers Catherine Magowan and Spy Dénommé-Welch combines baroque music with traditional indigenous music to explore 150 years of native history in northern Ontario.”


Giiwedin: Not quite settled but native tale hits some strong notes

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NOW Toronto, article by Jon Kaplan:

“It’s the style of the ambitious piece that’s especially striking. Composed by Catherine Magowan and Spy Dénommé-Welch, with a three-language libretto by the latter, Giiwedin (meaning North Wind) blends First Nations and baroque European music in an epic, sometimes surreal look at the choices facing both native residents and European settlers in northern Ontario.”

A new opera gets a bit lost in the woods

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The Globe and Mail, article by Colin Eatock:

“They wrote the music for their opera together, jointly creating a score that was a mixture of many styles, from baroque to tango, with a few native touches, but conspicuously avoiding a dissonant “modern classical” sound. In a further departure from modernist convention, there’s a historical sensibility built into the opera’s structure, with a formal prelude and overture, and scenes neatly subdivided into arias and ensemble numbers. The result is an impressively sophisticated pastiche.”

Today in Toronto. Owen Pallett, Tokyo Quartet and more

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Toronto Life, notable events listing for April 8, 2010:

Giiwedin: Native Earth Performing Arts and Indie(n) Rights Reserve present the world premiere of the first native-penned opera to combine baroque music with traditional indigenous music, relating 150 years of Ontario history from a First Nations perspective.”

Giiwedin, First Nations opera premieres in Toronto / L’opéra des Premières nations Giiwedin en grande première à Toronto

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La Scena Musicale, article by Joseph So:

“Want to experience something a little different from the typical operatic fare?  Native Earth and An Indie(n)Rights Reserve are co-presenting Giiwedin, a First Nations opera…First Nations mezzo Marion Newman plays Noodin-Kwe, a 150 year old native woman fighting for her land…While the music …is baroque in style, the opera contains a myriad of musical genres from classical to jazz. It promises to be a very interesting evening.”