Magowan launches new First Nations opera Giiwedin

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OCAD University website:

“Giiwedin is a First Nations story set in northern Ontario that features traditional First Nations, baroque and modern music. The production is written in the Anishnawbe Mowin, French and English languages, and tells the story of a 150-year old Aboriginal woman fighting for her land.”

Announcing 2010 Schedule of The Music Scene

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La Scena Musicale, article by Wah Keung:

“The next issue of The Music Scene hits news stands on March 26, 2010 and will have as feature story the making of a new opera, Giiwedin, a co-production of the Native Earth Performing Arts and An Indie(n) Rights Reserve, with a libretto by Algonquin playwright Spy Dénommé-Welch, who also co-composed it with Catherine Magowan. Giiwedin tells the story of Noodin-Kwe, a 150-year old Aboriginal woman, fighting for her land. This opera is unique in that it is the first time Canadian First Nations artists have chosen opera as a medium for their story-telling.”