HATE MAIL & Irreconcilable Trolls

By Unsettled Scores / On

What happens when the entire world is given a licence to critique and can hide behind fake usernames, spoofed emails, and anonymous comment boards? What happens when the online world explodes with armchair experts and basement professionals?

Inspired by ridiculous hate mail and anonymous trolls who hide within the interweb, Hate Mail brings them the 15 minutes of fame they didn’t expect, but secretly desired through the voice, contrabassoon and piano.

HATE MAIL & Irreconcilable Trolls
by Spy Dénommé-Welch & Catherine​ Magowan

20 minutes
voice, contrabassoon, piano, electronics, projections

Performance history
Weesageechak 30, presented by Native Earth Performing Arts (Daniels Spectrum/Aki Studio, Toronto), November 18, 2017