By Unsettled Scores / On

This work follows a drop of water through the Grand River ecosystem. It falls from the sky, joins other drops of water in a sort of party, chills out in Luther Marsh, travels the Elora Gorge and rides the Grand River…at its grandest. It comes to rest in ground water, where it is rudely awakened, kidnapped, imprisoned, processed, and sold. 

by Spy Dénommé-Welch & Catherine​ Magowan

10 minutes
2 flutes, bassoon, strings, keyboard, toy cash register

Performance history
Nota Bene Baroque Players (Kitchener, ON), March 5, 2017
Nota Bene Baroque Players (Cambridge, ON), November 22, 2017
Nota Bene Baroque Players (St. Jacobs, ON), November 25, 2017